80's Commercials Vol. 309

These commercials aired on NBC on November 15th, 1980

1. Magnavox

2. U.S. Navy

3. Levi's Movin' On Jeans

4. TV Spot for "The Idolmaker"

5. "Saturday Night Live" Commercial Bumper

6. Riunite

7. Pizza Hut (I think she enjoys pizza a little too much)

8. Technics

9. Calvin Klein Jeans (With Brooke Shields)

10. "Saturday Night Live" Commercial Bumper

11. Winteralls

12. Kitty Litter (I thought that was just a generic term and not a brand)

13. Streetcars (LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! I think that might be Sean Young in the middle?)

14. Fisher System 85 Stereo

15. "Saturday Night Live" Commercial Bumper

16. Promo for "The Godfather Saga" (Someone gets shot? Spoiler alert!!!)

17. Jordache

18. Mazda 626 (The car for impulsive people)

19. Paco Rabanne

20. Promo for "Sports Center 4"

21. Tickle

22. Excedrin

23. Promo for "Galaxina" (Ugh)

24. "Saturday Nigh



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