80's Commercials Vol. 200 Part 1 of 5

For the 200th volume I've decided to post the commercials found on the tapes I recorded of "The Real Ghostbusters" into one MEGA VOLUME! Virtually all of these commercials have appeared in previous volumes, but here they are in their original order and in much better quality. My original plan was to post this as a single hour-long video, but video compression and YouTube's stupid 1000 character limit on the description has led me to break it into parts. I'm really pushing the limits of the medium with this one. Thanks to everyone for watching!

These commercials aired in May of 1988 on KBHK.

1. "The Real Ghostbusters" Commercial Bumper

2. Cocoa Krispies

3. "The Real Ghostbusters" Commercial Bumper

4. Perfume Pretty Barbie

5. Barbie Ferrari (I've always been fascinated by the room they're in here)

6. Cocoa Puffs (Those children are terrible...fueling Sonny's Cocoa Puff addiction like drug pushers!)

7. Transformers Target M



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