Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Commercial #2 Rap


This commercial for Link's Awakening was released in the US and it's quite a different type of commercial than the funky Link's Awakening Japanese commercial.

This commercial a rap, which goes with the theme of the early-mid 90's where rap was becoming more popular here in the United States. Nintendo must have tried to capitalize that by incorporating rap into their video game commercials. The end result? Yet another Zelda commercial that we can look back on and laugh at.

The full rap is shown below.

Down with Zelda from the very start

I got the heart and smarts to play the part

(down with Zelda)

Peepin through with an overhead view

cause a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do

So I stay on track, collect the facts

never cut slack, and I always watch my back, but jack

(down with Zelda)

Do not stand, I'm the man with plan,

cause the power's in my head, and the pow



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