It's back! RSPCA Animal Walk

To celebrate RSPCA Awareness Week 2009 (Oct 1 - 8) we have released a digitally re-mastered version of our most loved advertisement - the Animal Walk. It'll start appearing on TV screens from October 1. Created 21 years ago, Animal Walk was the first brand ad of its kind in Australia and remains one of the most recognised advertisements ever made in this country. The production not only introduced Australians to their favourite little bandaged wombat but it was actually responsible for coining the RSPCAs slogan: For all creatures great and small. The wombat went on to become the RSPCAs mascot.

Digitally re-mastering Animal Walk was a huge job and was done free of charge for the RSPCA. The RSPCA thanks our long time supporters Enigma Communications as well as The Lab in Sydney and Original Works for bringing this project to fruition.

We hope by re-releasing Animal Walk we will rekindle some fond memories in our longtime supporters and appeal to whole new gener



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