90's Commercials Vol. 117

These commercials aired on ABC on September 17th, 1994. Thanks to Nanto for sharing these from his massive collection of old VHS tapes.

1. Casio Label Zone (Yo! Put a label on it! Possibly the most 90's commercial I've ever posted)

2. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumper

3. Instant Quaker Oatmeal (Cold cereal is for wimps!)

4. Follow The Rules PSA (Follow the rules...or else!)

5. Promo for "Bump In The Night"

6. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumpers

7. Quik

8. Hidden Valley Dressing For Kids (I definitely remembered the girl's head turning into a taco. You don't forget something like that)

9. Eggo Waffles

10. Partnership for a Drug-Free America PSA

11. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumpers

12. Corn Pops

13. "Reboot" End Credits

14. ABC Station ID

15. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumper

16. Pop Tarts (With Jeremy Miller from "Growing Pains")

17. Kellogg's Rice



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