Nickelodeon December 1994 Commercial Breaks (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2. This is a compilation of ads that ran from 5:30 to 6:30 AM on December 26th, 1994. These come from "Mr. Wizard's World" & "Flipper". I included the bumpers, I just didn't list them.

1. Station ID: Bumper Mish-Mash

2. Nickelodeon On VHS: Rock's Modern Life: "How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Brainless"

3. Bumper Mish-Mash Reprise

4. Purebred Pet Groomer (I have one of these, if you can believe that.)

5. Station ID: Shooting Star

6. Up Next: Clock: Mr Wizard and Flipper

7. Nick News Year's 95 Promo

8. Discovery Zone

9. Nickelodeon GUTS on SNES

10. Credits Promo: Captain Stimpy: Flipper Is Next

11. Station ID: The First Kids Network


13. Power Rangers "Power Coins" (Read: Pogs) at Mcdonalds

14. Christmas Station ID: Snow Globe

15. Nickelodeon Magazine: Spider (Fun Fact: That Issue Does Not Exist. Not With That Cover Anyway.)

16. Nick Days: The First Day of Kwanza<



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