90's Commercials Vol. 8

These commercials aired on local Sacramento Affiliate KRBK 31 in November of 1990. Apologies for the quality, but better than nothing, right? Thanks to my cousin David for recording these.

1. Disney Afternoon Bumper

2. Batman R.P.M's from Tonka

3. WWF Wrestling Buddies (I remember a lot of kids having these when I was in second grade)

4. Cap'n Crunch (FAKE OUT!)

5. Berry Bears Fruit Snacks (I completely forgot about these, but now I remember these being insanely popular on the playground for a year or so)

6. Froot Loops (I'm still recovering from the realization that "Froot" is spelled like that. It keeps me up at nights)

7. Promo for "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers"

8. Disney Afternoon Bumpers

9. Promo for "Superdad" (With Kurt Russell and Bob Crane!)

10. Baby Uh-Oh! (That's Kirsten Dunst in the pink)

11. Chuck E. Cheeses (My parents wisely didn't give into my constant requests to go here)

12. Cheerios (Anot



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