90's Commercials Vol. 121

These commercials aired on November 20th, 1993

1. Sn1ck Commercial Bumper

2. Burger King (With "Bonkers" Kids Meal toys)

3. Sn1ck Commercial Bumpers

4. New York 1 News Promo

5. Motocykes (Wow, I'm trading in my car for one of these bad boys!)

6. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal (I remember these being terrible as a cereal with milk but great as a snack)

7. Commercial Bumper

8. Sn1ck Commercial Bumper

9. McDonald's

10. Game Genie (I like how they make it sound like using dumb cheat codes will make you better at the games)

11. Twizzlers

12. Apple Quenchers

13. Sn1ck Commercial Bumpers

14. Krystal Princess

15. Eggo Waffles (I want that toaster!)

16. Promo for "We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story" (I've never seen this, but it inexplicably features the voice of Walter Cronkite, so I probably should)

17 Promo for "Weinerville" and "Doug"

18. The Littlest Pet Shop

19. "The Nightmare



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