Reebok ZQUICK - "Race the City" Commercial

Reebok ZQUICK, inspired by the design of high-performance ZRated tires found on exotic high-end sports car is the latest footwear innovation from Reebok. This commercial featuring "Underdog," entitled "Race the City," is an evolution of the LIVE WITH FIRE rallying cry and showcases the "unnaturally quick" benefits of the ZQUICK Running shoes. The adventure portrays two groups of friends staying fit in an unconventional way through a high speed relay race through the city streets. Each team is taking on a fast moving public transportation system, racing from station to station and arriving just before the doors close at the next stop, thanks to the incredible control, handing and stability of the Reebok ZQUICK.

To learn all about the unnaturally quick Reebok ZQUICK, visit



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