Quisp vs Quake Cereal 1965 very 1st Commercial

I am amazed that there weren't more Quisp and Quake commercials up here. Having already posted the 1st Cap'n Crunch commercial, their mighty predecessor, I had to add the 1st Quisp and Quake commercial. I'm feeling lazy, so I will just clip the history from Wiki:

"Quisp and a similarly marketed cereal Quake were originally released in 1965 in the United States by The Quaker Oats Company and generally advertised together (during the same commercial) as products competing against each other. The very successful ads were cartoons created by Jay Ward of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame, and used some of the same voices, including Daws Butler as the voice of Quisp (an alien) and William Conrad as the voice of Quake (a miner).[1]

The commercials often asked children to choose which cereal was better and would compete over taste or premiums. The competition reached its peak in 1972, when a series of commercials asked children to vote for which cereal should remain on the shelve



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