Mother original TV ad - 1989 - Famicom (NES)

The TV commercial for Mother. This series in America is known as Earthbound. Earthbound for the SNES was Mother 2 in Japan. This is Mother 1, and there was a Mother 3 in Japan for the GBA, which spawned the character Lucas, who was confirmed to be in the new smash bros. SO, yeah, mother 2 was the only game in the series that saw the light of day in America.

So, I give you the Mother 1 advertisement. This ad used to scare me for some reason. I don't know why, it just did...but I love it now, so I wanted to share it. The lyrics, I believe, are...

Take a melody

Simple as can be

Give it some water

And sweet harmony

That's all I know...

BTW, those kids weren't Ness, Jeff, and Paula. There names back then were Ninten, Loid, and Ana.

Enjoy :)



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