one of the oldest vw beetle ads in existence!


One of the oldest vw beetle commercials in existance! This early black & white commercial featuring a beautiful two-tone convertible was (I think) shot in the late 1950's. A surprising fact is that the commercial is in German. At that time the german market was still recovering from the war-years. The american market, though, was still reluctant to buy vw beetles.

"Also loss!" can be heared at least 3 times in this commercial. This together with the background music makes you think you are watching a wartime 'Deutsche Wochenschau'.

From the DVD 'Legend on wheels'. Wanna have this DVD packed with 2 hours of high quality digitally remastered old vw commercials? The DVD really brings you back to the '60s and '70s. Send an email to:

cabriolet convertible open top german deutsche 1950's



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