80's Commercials Vol. 315

These commercials aired on NBC on May 14th, 1989.

1. "Family Ties" Commercial Bumper

2. Plymouth Acclaim LX (So the car is presumably driving on another planet with the earth looming behind it, and THEN it's somehow "driving on" the orbit of the earth easily becoming the largest man made object ever constructed and THEN there are giant people several thousand feet tall!)

3. Kraft House Italian Dressing

4. The U.S. Armed Forces (They basically sold being in the military like a Nintendo Game)

5. McDonald's (With Food Changeables! I had the soda, the fries and the ice cream cone)

6. Epic Waves (I will not be fearless after seeing those masks)

7. GE Miser Light Bulbs

8. Citrus Snowburst Bars

9. "Family Ties" Commercial Bumper

10. Promo for "I Know My First Name Is Steven"

11. Shell SU2000

12. McDonald's

13. NewsWatch 10 Promo

14. "Family Ties" Commercial Bumper

15. TV Spot for "The Karate Kid



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