90's Commercials Vol. 85

These commercials aired on ABC on December 3rd, 1994. Thanks to Nanto for sharing these from his massive collection of old VHS tapes.

1. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumper

2. Frosted Flakes

3. Partnership For A Drug-Free America PSA (Another one of those things I saw a million times as a kid but haven't thought about in forever. HEY GUISE wanna have some fun?)

4. "Free Willy" End Credits

5. ABC Station ID

6. Crayola Jumping Colors Markers

7. Promo for "Wheel Of Fortune"

8. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumper

9. Hot Wheels Top Speed Ultra Pipe Fight Set (PIPE FIGHT! PIPE FIGHT! PIPE FIGHT! I got into a pipe fight as an adult and couldn't walk for a month)

10. Fantastic Sticker Maker

11. Fantastic Color Surprise (Recreate the beauty of nature with our synthetic polymer spray!)

12. "After These Messages" Commercial Bumpers

13. My Pretty TopsyTail

14. Lego Pirates (I had all of these set



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