80's Commercials Vol. 68

These commercials aired on August 4th, 1984 during the 1984 Olympics on local ABC affiliate KGO. Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for recording these.

1. Sears

2. Converse

3. Double Mint Gum (What are the odds of two sets of attractive twins running into each other?)

4. Michelob Light

5. Century 21 (I love the gold coat)

6. Promo for "Jessie"

7. Stanley Tools

8. Unisom (Where's the minute long list of all the horrifying side effects?)

9. Miller High Life

10. Kodak Trimprint (There doesn't seem to be a digital-age equivalent to the instant camera)

11. Aetna (It's kind of hard to see, but the old guy on the boat has a pretty incredible mustache)

12. American Express

13. Motivator 650 Battery at Kmart

14. Drunk Driving PSA

15. AT&T (With Cliff Robertson. I love how he walks around other people like a ghost)

16. Minute Maid Orange Juice (I remember the packaging at the end so much. The black



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