Vintage Commercials 1960's 1970's Cereals & Beverages

Watched in this order: 1. 7-UP (Win From 9079 Choices)

2. Folger's Coffee Mountain Grown

3. Coca-Cola "It's the real thing"

4. Folger's Coffee Mountain Grown

5. Hershey's Instant Drink

6. Kool-Aid Soft Drink Mix

7. Lipton Ice Tea (Munch, Quench, Lunch, Quench)

8. Pepsi-Cola "For Those Who Think Young"

9. Shasta Cola

10. Cheerios (Johnny Lightening Double Trouble Toy)

11. Frankenberry & Count Chocula Cereal

12. Post Cereal briefing

13. Post Raisin Bran (Musical)

14. Quisp Cereal

15. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes "Year of the Tiger"

16. Trix Cereal (Model Airplanes)

A fact: Cereals ads for kids focused more on the toys.

Liked best : # 5, 11, 13

What ads did you like the most?

I've noticed ads' run-time was either 30 or 60 seconds, other than the briefing one.

Also, credit for this compilation availability goes to CD Titles, the CD was made



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